Permanence and durability

Providing structures that endure freezing temperatures to blistering heat. Extreme weather conditions have been featured in the news all over the world recently, particularly strong winds, heavy rain and snow.

For over 30 years, Vector Foiltec has been building structures in every climatic zone using Texlon® ETFE technology. We create structures of lightness and elegance that can dissipate loads and accommodate building movement.

Texlon® ETFE can withstand hurricanes and provide comfort in the harshest climates in the world ranging from arctic conditions to scorching desert heat.

Vector Foiltec can print numerous graphical patterns to create solar shading whilst maintaining visual transparency. The ETFE cushions can selectively transmit or reflect solar wavelengths by using UV and IR filters. This provides a relaxed environment for the local population, therefore contributing towards a building’s commercial success.

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