Vector Foiltec Awarded Malaysia’s Biggest ETFE Project

VERVÈA @Aspen Vision City will be the largest commercial precinct in northern Malaysia, which also includes the first IKEA store in that region. Occupying 35 acres, the three- and four-story offices are comprised of 434 units. VERVÈA is part of Aspen Vison City, a 245-acre plot of integrated development. It includes first-class infrastructure and amenities at a Gross Development Value of MYR 10 billion, approximately USD 2.55 billion.

Vector Foiltec awarded to build Texlon® ETFE Canopy

VERVÈA comes with a whole host of value-added features.  High Street is an area that is over 300 meters long, and is used for events and activities to further boost businesses. There are retail shops, Food and Beverage (F&B) outlets and entertainment venues. The architect envisioned a covered street for pedestrians to shop outdoors, which is uncommon for shop-lot developments in Malaysia. By including an ETFE canopy, there is still the desired outdoor-feel, but without the heat and glare associated with the tropical weather there. Vector Foiltec has been contracted to design and build the spectacular High Street Canopy with its Texlon® ETFE technology.

Lightweight design of steel structure for ETFE Canopy

The 2-layer, 12,500 m² Texlon® ETFE cushion system will be installed beneath a stunningly undulating, light-weight, column-free and hidden steel structure. This structure will span 40 meters across and runs 300 meters along the entire length of High Street. The design of that steel structure, also a part Vector Foiltec’s scope, has minimal bending as it meets the small reinforced concrete columns. With its huge 40 meter-span, it is a significant feat that the entire steel structure only weighs approximately 850 tonnes; possible only with Vector Foiltec’s astute value-engineering, which translated into huge savings for the developer. Vector Foiltec will also fabricate, supply and install the steelworks.

Comprehensive approach to ventilation

Vector Foiltec adopted a comprehensive approach to a ventilation strategy beneath the canopy. Working closely with ARUP for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on natural aeration and cooling, the team analyzed our calculations on thermal and optical properties for our various patented frits. It was important to study the impact of different canopy geometries and investigate various mechanical systems available in the market for removal of vehicle exhaust fumes.

The end-result is a masterpiece. The High Street Canopy’s geometry not only keeps with the architect’s design language for the development, but it is also a total solution, including ventilation.


Developer: Aspen Group

Architect: Arkitek LLA Sdn. Bhd.

C & S Engineer: Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd and Arup Singapore Pte Ltd.

Images: Copyright Aspen Group

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